"A free society is by definition a pluralistic one where there are many different centers of authority, influence, and opinion, competing with one another, arguing with one another,… and producing a great variety, richness, and animation" Richard M. Weaver

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 In 1727, Benjamin Franklin founded a club named “Junto” where members from diverse occupations and backgrounds shared a spirit of inquiry and a desire to grow in intellect through rational discussion. The group created a framework that allowed people to share and express their ideas and thoughts in a composed and reasonable manner.

At Junto, we have attempted to recreate the same open forum where people from all beliefs and worldviews can share their opinions, thoughts, and ideas relating to current issues. In modern times, it is important that we not only understand our own perspectives, but those of others as well.

At Junto, we are committed to helping create an open and competitive marketplace of ideas with the aim of discovering truth.


President,                                                                               Co-Founder,

Nathan Putrich                                                                     Kenneth Petroski


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